Piano Dental Clinic
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Estetik Diş Hekimliği


Preventive dentistry occupies a leading position in developed societies; With efforts to prevent tooth decay and the trend towards more protective practices, the importance given to aesthetics by patients and dentists has also increased.  Aesthetic restorations that have been long time the  second plan in functional dentistry, mainly in the anterior region, are also questioned in posterior teeth and have become coveted by both  the patient and the dentist. For this reason, materials and construction techniques are constantly being improved in today's cosmetic dentistry. Dentists, beside the general dental practice,  have began offering cosmetic dentistrty as an alternative treatment for patients.
What are the most common treatments applied in Aesthetic Dentistry?
Estetik Diş Hekimliği
  • Composite Aesthetic Restorations
  • Inlay - Onlay Restorations
  • Veneer Crown Restorations (Coatings)
  • Laminate Veneer Restorations (Leaf Porcelain Applications)
  • Teeth Whitening Application
  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Gum aesthetics (Gummy Smile - High visibility of gums)
Estetik Diş Hekimliği
In which conditions are Aesthetic Dentistry Treatments applied?
  • Treatment of broken or worn teeth
  • Missing teeth treatment
  • Intermittent teeth (Diastema treatment)
  • Treatment of stained  teeth
  • Treatment of deformed teeth
  • Gummy Smile (High visibility of gums)
  • Malposition problem
  • Teeth not being visible or being visible  too much