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Dijital Diş Hekimliği Piano Dental Clinic

What is Digital Dentistry?

Globalization, technology and speed are entering our lives more and more. Dentistry is also becoming more and more digital in this sense. The digitalization process also allows us to offer our patients fast and comfortable treatments in a shorter time. Digital Dentistry is a term that refers to the use of computer-aided high-tech products.

Although Digital Dentistry expresses a concept consisting of digital and computer controlled components, the application in digital dentistry is the CAD-CAM system. It is a design and production system that works with 3D computer support.

CAD - Computer Aidet Design
CAM - Computer Aidet Manufacturing 


What Are The Application Areas Of Digital Dentistry?

Digital caries diagnosis
Implant applications performed with a surgical guide  planned and produced with computer support
Digital x-ray
Laser applications
Analysis and diagnosis of occlusion and TMJ problem
Dental photography
Digital patient education programs
Digital color measurement systems are included in the application areas of digital dentistry.
Dijital Diş Hekimliği Piano Dental Clinic

What are the Advantages of Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry increases efficiency and reduces costs compared to traditional techniques and methods.

Accuracy that improves with technology provides a high level of predictability of treatment results, and is effective in patient decision-making. In this way, the patient both takes an active role in his own treatment and sees the treatment to be applied and its results before the application, and it saves time for us physicians.

The introduction of technology that makes dentistry easier, faster, better and most importantly more comfortable increases the interest and motivation of both physicians and patients in treatments.