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Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium placed in the jawbone in order to restore the function and aesthetics of teeth lost for various reasons.

The purpose of implant treatment is to protect the chewing system and to meet the aesthetic, functional and speaking needs of the patient with implant-supported restorations.

Implants are placed in the jawbone with a simple operation when the bone is sufficient and suitable to make fixed or removable prostheses. If the bone's amount and density is not at the desired level, it may be necessary to perform bone formation processes before the  implant application.


What is the Advantage of Dental Implants?

Implant treatment is important for the health and function of the surrounding teeth and the entire chewing system.

With implant treatment, while a tooth that fulfills its aesthetic and chewing function is obtained in the form of a natural tooth, the surrounding teeth are prevented from sliding into the lost tooth cavity and displacement. In addition, bone loss that may occur over time in the toothless area after tooth extraction is prevented by placing the implant.

In cases where there is a single tooth or more than one tooth deficiency, in the construction of a fixed prosthesis (bridge), the teeth adjacent to the toothless area are cut and reduced. With implant treatment, neighboring teeth that do not require restoration are not damaged, they do not need to be cut or  reduced.

In addition to the high success rate, reduction in sensitivity and risk of caries in the adjacent tooth, improved oral hygiene, psychological advantages, preservation of aesthetics in the adjacent tooth, protection of the bone in the toothless area, reduction of the risk of gum disease are among the advantages of implant treatment.

The success of dental implants has eliminated the disadvantages of commonly used removable dentures  such as low comfort and not meeting the patient's expectations.

It is very difficult for the patient to use a removable prosthesis, especially in the toothless lower jaw. Because; Due to the tongue, cheek and lip muscles that cannot fully adapt to the prosthesis, patients experience difficulties during talking and eating. Problems with the tongue, lip, cheek and chewing movements in the lower jaw and the removable prosthesis that cannot be fixed and frequently hurt can be eliminated with implant applications.

In addition, problems such as nausea caused by the design that covers the palate to ensure the retention of the upper jaw full dentures are also eliminated.

In patients with complete edentulism, the complaints of playing and nausea are eliminated with fixed or removable implant-supported prostheses.

With these advantages, dental implants have become a priority in the treatment of missing teeth and have become the first treatment alternative in the dental literature.

Dental İmplant

Who Is Suitable For Dental Implant Treatment?

Anyone with a bone of thickness, height and quality where the implant can be placed can be implanted by evaluating their general health status. Insufficient bone volume, the presence of some chronic diseases and habits can cause obstacles for implant application. Implant application is risky in some patient groups and may affect the treatment result. However, depending on the degree and severity of their condition and in consultation with the patient's medical doctor, it may be possible to apply an implant.


Dental İmplant Nasıl Yapılır


How is a dental implant made?

Implant treatment is a dental treatment that requires a little patience and the process takes a little longer than the other dental treatments.


In the first examination, the suitability of the edentulous area for implant treatment is evaluated. After the detailed information about the general health status, clinical and radiographic examination is performed. Radiographic imaging is very important before the  implant treatment. As three-dimensional imaging methods show the condition of the jaw bones very clearly, tomography is used to determine whether there is bone in the quality that the implant can be made and increases the success of the operation. Panoramic radiography or three-dimensional image (tomography) is taken from the relevant regions and after the  modeling is made, the appropriateness of the implant treatment is decided and the implant treatment is planned. As the first stage of implant surgery, an appointment is given to the patient .

The implants, which are a comfortable and reliable application in the first session, are placed in the jawbone painlessly and without any trouble with the application of local anesthesia under the highest level sterilization protocols. After local anesthesia, a controlled nest is prepared in the relevant bone in accordance with the thickness and length of the implant and the implant is placed. After the implant is placed, the screws that will remain on the implant during the healing period are placed and the recovery period (osseointegration) is expected. After the osseointegration period is completed, the second stage of prosthesis treatment begins.

İmplant Cerrahisi
What Should Be Considered During the Recovery Period After Implant Surgery?

After implant surgery, it is important to apply cold to the treated area at certain intervals in line with the recommendation of your physician. This will prevent edema and swelling. You should use the medicines given to you by your doctor regularly. During this period, your oral care should be very good. Poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes of implant failure. In the first few days after surgery, you should stay away from hot foods and drinks and consume more warm, soft and nutritious foods. After the recovery in the surgical area is completed, there is no restriction on eating and drinking.

How Should Oral Care Be Performed After Implants Are Made?

Oral hygiene is very important for the long-term success of implant treatment. Oral and dental care should be done as with natural teeth. For this, teeth should be brushed, dental floss, interface brush should be a part of routine oral hygiene care.

What is the Success Rate of Dental Implant? How Long Is The Life Of The Implant?

Implant application has become one of the routine treatment methods and has a high success. There are many factors that affect the success of the implant. Implant success depends on factors such as the quality and design features of the implant, sterile surgical environment, successful surgical technique, correct planning and application by the physician, a healthy individual and sufficient bone volume, and the need for very good oral hygiene after the  treatment. If these elements are provided, the high implant success rate has been proven by scientific studies.
The implant is made with the aim of staying in the patient's mouth for life. Correct planning and application are the most important factors for keeping the implant in the mouth in a healthy way. After the implant is made, routine checks are required, as with our natural teeth. Oral care should be followed and appropriate interventions made in a timely manner. The main purpose is; Implant treatment that will provide lifelong service with the right product, correct planning, correct application, good oral care and regular controls.

Is Implant Brand Important?

As an implant brand, it is beneficial to choose implant systems that attach importance to research studies, have been shown to be successful in the long term, have no problems in technical support and offer sufficient options for prosthetic superstructure. However, the success of the implant application is also related to the recovery potential of the patient, smoking, the condition of oral hygiene, the presence of systemic diseases such as diabetes and the surgical skill of the physician. We prefer brands with a rich history, high success rate, proven quality and continuity.

Which Implant Brands Do We Prefer in Our Clinic?

Straumann and Medentika

Straumann, a well-established company, is one of the successful Swiss implant brands. It is a brand with a lifetime guarantee, which has proven its validity all over the world with its developed patents and slactive surface implant applications. Straumann, which is also recommended by physicians, is one of the preferred brands in implant treatments.

The Straumann Group, which guides the developments in the dental sector in the world, and Medentika, a part of this group, are to maintain our leading position in the sector by offering scientifically proven dental solutions with quality and up-to-date products to dentists, patients and technicians. Made in Germany and guaranteed for life.